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Derrick Loflin | Retirement Planning Specialist
Derrick Loflin specializes in helping individuals and families financially prepare for retirement with the proper Safe Income Planning Strategies. He helps clients find ways to generate more retirement income and see how to securely protect and grow their money during any economic environment. Despite the current volatility in the market, there are still strategies that you can put in place right now to ensure that you do not run out of income and keep your money securely protected from future market downturns. While most financial advisors are more than happy to provide you with investment tips and growth opportunities for your portfolio, few financial professionals know how to convert your savings into a long-term sustainable income (and protect your money) so that you can spend with confidence when you retire.
Derrick has more than 15 years of experience helping people grow and protect their money. As a Qualified Safe Money Income and Growth Advisor, he has assisted hundreds of individuals and couples with creating a solid foundation, as well as generating a secure retirement income that they cannot outlive – regardless of what happens in the stock market. Using my custom strategies, it is possible for you to increase assets, while at the same time keeping principals safe from downward market fluctuations. Not knowing when the next major economic downturn can occur, it is more important than ever to keep your wealth not only safe and secure, but also growing so it can keep pace with future inflation.
Derrick resides in the Florida Panhandle area where he hosts a weekly Safe Money and Income Radio show. With our advanced technology Systems, not only can we meet “face-to-face, but we can also conduct virtual meetings which share our computer screens, so you can review our custom Safe Income strategy in the comfort of your own home. Derrick does his best to take the mystery out of income planning by answering some of the most commonly asked questions in a simple, personalized way. Feel free to reach out if you are looking for retirement planning guidance and recommendations to help you reach your retirement goals.
Our Services
What We Do For Clients
Asset Protection
Retirement doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop growing. Same holds true for your money. It should mean, however, that it’s time to stop taking unnecessary risk.
We specialize in helping retirees protect their retirement assets while continuing to move forward.
Family Legacy Planning
Many of our clients want to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren and are shocked to learn how easy it is to double, even triple their inheritance – TAX-FREE AND GUARANTEED!
We also work with our clients and help them embrace their own mortality and be prepared for the loss of a spouse and the income burdens this can often create
Extended Care Solutions
Long-term care/extended care costs have gone up substantially in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, the statistics are not in our favor, a plan to address these costs should be included in every retirement strategy.
The good news is we work with hybrid insurance plans that leverage your dollar in case you need it for extended care, but remain 100% accessible for withdrawal if you don’t.
Retirement Income
We create a customized retirement income plan, encompassing all sources of income, for each one of our clients and no two plans are exactly alike. Let us get to work on a plan for you.
We also work with our clients and help them embrace their own mortality and be prepared for the loss of a spouse and the income burdens this can often create
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Podcast Episode
Keeping your Money SAFE from Market losses Fees and Inflation-Episode 10
Safe Money Radio Podcast
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Safe Money Radio Podcast
Keeping your Money SAFE from Market losses Fees and Inflation-Episode 10
Mar 15, 2023
When it comes to getting safer with your retirement, sometimes the first step is the hardest. We want to make it easy for you and take away the anxiety and uncertainty that often comes with working with someone new.
Now you can read all about Derrick’s safe money strategies and how he’s helped hundreds of retirees just like you.
Did you know that Warren Buffet’s number one rule to investing is never lose money? He also has a second rule…
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